6 Open Office


Place can act as a powerful instrument to express an organization's unique culture and help it achieve its business goals. To realize this potential, we work with you to create workplaces where people can do great things.

Today's office landscape is about more choice, connection, sustainability, technology, the virtual world, globalization, networks, transparency. It's also about less real estate, emissions, formality, paper, physical presence, and being tethered—to a desk, a specific space, old ideas. This all adds up to a shift to a community-centric approach. Too many choices can be overwhelming. ID+A can guide you through them for the design that fits your workspace.

Small and Medium Business

Small businesses move fast. ID+A’s Small and Medium Business Program can keep up. The program was designed to help companies of all sizes create workplaces that connect and inspire their people.

Whatever their industry, practically every small and medium-sized company today is in the same business: the idea business. ID+A’s Small and Medium Business Program helps companies of all sizes put their people in the best position to think up the new ideas that will drive success.

Our Small and Medium Business Program includes a specialized offering of products capable of creating full work environments with fast lead times and an industry-leading warranty.