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Within a single healthcare facility, there can be many specific environments, each with a unique set of requirements. Our manufacturing partners have solutions to accommodate them all.


At ID+A, we are committed to supporting and promoting healthy and safe healing environments for not only healthcare workers, but for their patients and families as well. Our products and service offerings include but are not limited to, waiting areas, patient and exam rooms, nurses’ stations, labs and pharmacies.

Our designs focus on infection control and prevention by using the most durable and cleanable surfaces and materials throughout furniture and workstation applications. In addition to decreasing the spread of bacteria and infection, we aspire to create emotionally healing environments for patients using evidence-based designs. We realize how heavily properly designed environments can affect the healing process and elevate mood and moral for patients and employees.

Using Herman Miller’s three healthcare delivery initiatives; increase speed to market, optimizing investments, and elevating user experience we are able to provide successful designs fast, efficiently and economically.