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Technical Services

Operational Excellence

Our commitment to operational excellence is a reflection of our strongly held values and history of innovation. We are focused on achieving 100 percent reliability so that customers can depend on us to deliver the right product at the right time. Herman Miller’s reliability score—the percentage of product made and shipped complete, on-time, and defect-free—has averaged above 97 percent over the past 6 years.

ID+A is a proud member of the Herman Miller Performance System (HMPS.) It is the backbone of our operational capabilities. This program is unique in our industry and has enabled us to adopt and implement world-class, lean-manufacturing processes. The application of HMPS thinking has allowed us to reduce the time from order entry to customer installation by eliminating waste and improving quality.

At ID+A, we associate efficiency with quality and never deliver one without the other.

Project Management

ID+A’s Project Managers utilize multi-layer CAD plans detailing electrical, data, and AV along with furniture locations, components, panel layouts and ancillary pieces. An equipment list is generated and divided by phase and manufacturer for automated order entry.

Your Project Manager, will be responsible for balancing project scope, the time available to carry out the project, and the budget available for the project. They will manage all communication throughout the duration of the project. Within days after project award, we will request a meeting to understand the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of your entire team.

All manufacturers will be engaged and aware of the time frames and understand the goals required to meet and deliver a successful, on-time project. ID+A will create a Critical Dates Report for your project and send it out weekly to all team members. During construction and installation, our Project Managers will also be on-site to ensure optimal performance.

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Delivery & Installation Services

As part of Herman Miller's Certified Dealer Network, we understand how critical proper delivery and installation are to your schedules, people, and work activities. We manage delivery and installation every step of the way.

We ensure that all product is delivered according to schedules and coordinated with the site manager and tradespeople. We provide supervision, equipment, and all the necessary permits to proceed quickly and safely. And we verify the product against the delivery ticket with a commitment to clean, repair, or replace damaged product.

Our installation services don’t just start when product is delivered. We plan the installation, prepare the site, and disassemble and remove any existing furniture. If desired, we’ll move existing furniture and reinstall it in a new location.

Our installers are also Herman Miller Certified—meaning they complete a series of training programs and demonstrate a thorough knowledge of installation practices. We follow prescribed procedures and adhere to plans and drawings. When the product arrives, our installers unpack, stage, and assemble it in compliance with the manufacturer’s standards—and restore the area to broom clean condition.

Once installed, we check the product carefully to make sure it’s level, aligned, and working properly. Then we clean and polish it as instructed by the manufacturer. Even after installation is complete, our service isn't. We also train your people to use the product, follow up to assure you’re satisfied, and make any necessary changes.

ID+A's Lead Installers are trained to utilize iPads to document any issues that may arise on the project site. They process change orders, e-sign and send out delivery tickets and handle some project walk-thru’s using our Punch List App. Facetime is a feature we are utilizing on-site to have instant solutions to any situations that may arise. This allows the installation to continue without waiting on other parties to physically arrive on-site.

Day Two Service and Warranty

To keep your furniture looking good and in good working order, we provide ongoing maintenance services in support of Herman Miller's 12-year, 3-shift warranty. All of our brands include industry standard warrant

Scheduled maintenance services include inspection, cleaning, stain-prevention treatment, and lubrication as required. Should your products have warranty issues, our skilled, certified technicians will promptly inspect and repair your furniture on site or provide a replacement if necessary.

We’re available to repair broken or malfunctioning mechanisms, reupholster fabric panels and seating, touch up painted surfaces, repair scratches, or refinish wood furniture. And to maintain the long-term value of your investment, we’ll refurbish your products to like-new condition and match them to new furnishings or new decor.

Check out our warranty and service request form here. You will receive a response in one business day.

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Asset and Inventory Management

You have a significant investment in your assets and inventory, so when your product is stored, it needs protection and management. We can help you with receiving and inspection services—and all your storage needs.

We forecast incoming shipments and receive your product into the warehouse, verifying that it matches the bill of lading, manufacturer’s packing list, and purchase order. We carefully inspect all shipments for completeness, visible and concealed damage, and conformance to specifications. And if there’s a problem, we file freight claims and notify the project manager of any defects, shortages, or nonconformance.

Our warehouse facilities have been designed to accommodate your assets and inventory. We also provide short-term product storage for pending installation and long-term storage of excess inventory. Products are protected from dirt, dust, and damage in a climate-controlled environment.

We help you better utilize your assets and avoid costs by:

  • Simplifying the tracking process
  • Reusing your company’s existing assets
  • Analyzing assets to eliminate obsolete inventory and reduce storage costs
  • Managing the asset levels to address churn, so reconfigurations can be executed more efficiently
  • Reducing cycle time from order to delivery and facilitating complete, on-time, and error-free installation
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