Ecofibre - United States Headquarters

Ecofibre's headquarters is a 50,000-square-foot LEED building on six acres in Georgetown, Kentucky and is part of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s hemp pilot program.

Bldg Photo

Ecofibre CEO and Managing Partner Eric Wang has incorporated what the company does into every facet of the state-of-the-art facility, which is designed with antiviral and antimicrobial hemp-infused furniture, wallpaper, and more.

Reception Lounge
Story Wall

Our couches are made with vegan leather and a hemp top-coating that kills 99.9 percent of staph,” he said. “We supply antimicrobial artificial turf for sports stadiums, paint, outdoor and indoor seating. Our wallpaper uses hemp ink to prevent mold and kills E-coli. This business is not all about CBD, we are about industrial uses.” - Eric Wang

Cafe 2
Break Area Booths
Benching Workspace

EcoFibre has a wonderful view for visitors following the hemp from the actual acre planted outside, into an active hemp processing lab on-site and then through a beautiful story wall explaining where the hemp goes from here.

Quiet Zone
Small Conference