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DIRTT - Prefabricated Interior Construction Solutions

We build high-performing, adaptable, interior spaces where people collaborate, socialize, learn, and heal. The DIRTT construction system combines intelligent products, intuitive technology, and advanced manufacturing. You get a space that matches your unique vision, without compromising on the speed and agility of industrialized construction.

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Adapt with ease

Spaces that look and feel permanent easily evolve with reusable components. You don't have to know what the future holds. Update or reconfigure as your needs change without major renovations or cost.

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Budget with confidence

Intuitive software accounts for every component of the DIRTT scope. All materials, parts, and pieces are included in the cost and automatically updated if the design changes.

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Move in sooner

Speed up your construction timelines by as much as 30%. Communication tools in DIRTT’s intuitive software empower faster decision making, while rapid manufacturing and efficient installation accelerate the project.

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Design without compromise

Achieve your design vision without compromising the speed and agility of industrialized construction. Instead of choosing from off-the-shelf products, you can tailor dimensions, configurations, and finishes with a wide array of customizable components.

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Get the outcome you planned

What you see is what you get with 3D visuals linked directly to the factory. Precise manufacturing to 1⁄16 of an inch means your DIRTT scope integrates with the base building and other trades exactly as planned.

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Meet sustainability goals

Meet sustainability goals: We work with you to understand your sustainability goals and identify how building with DIRTT can support green building standards you’re targeting. Precision manufacturing in efficient facilities radically reduces waste, while materials are carefully selected to reduce embodied carbon. When your needs change, DIRTT’s agile system makes it quick, easy, and cost effective to evolve your space. By repurposing elements of your space in perpetuity, you protect your investment through future reconfigurations and relocations, while keeping waste out of the landfill.

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